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Jam Session

Last Year Jam Session

The night before the conference kicks off, we’re hosting a warm-up event with our dear friends from Shopify, with drinks and talks from your fellow attendees. We hope you’ll join us to connect ahead of the main event!

On Monday October 14th, the doors will open at 6:30 PM at CSI Starrett-Lehigh. There will be a number of lightning talks and we will be providing some snacks, alcoholic beverages as well as soft drinks.

This event is for SmashingConf NY attendees only. We will be doing a pre-registration so you can already pick up your badge and skip the line on the first conference day!


6:30 PMDoors Open: Networking & Drinks
7:00 PMLightning Talks

Building Accessible Experiences by Tiffany Tse
An online store must meet the needs of its shoppers. However, building accessible websites and applications doesn't mean having to compromise on the design or the end-user experience. This session will focus on how we at Shopify began to audit the accessibility of our themes, and how building accessible experiences can improve the overall user-experience of your projects.

DevTools for DevTools: DevTools-ception! by Rachel Weil
Chromium DevTools are wonderfully powerful tools for developing for the web. But what about developing DevTools themselves? How does that work? How can we hack on DevTools to make web development more clever and fun? Join hobbyist hacker Rachel Simone Weil for a whirlwind introductory tour of hacking on Chromium DevTools.

Axe-Pro: A New Kind of Accessibility Tool by April Ellsey
Learn about a new accessibility tool from the makers of axe. Axe-pro equips dev teams with tools to perform more advanced accessibility testing without requiring special expertise. April Ellsey, the axe-pro product manager, will be there to show you axe-pro in action, and to let you know how you can join their axe-pro beta program.

Building Community Leaders in Media by Timirah James
We are swiftly building the next generation of the web, a version that will be heavily based on visual media — streamed videos, responsive images, and yes… even memes. In order to meet the increasing demand to build out the visual web, there’s an increasing need for media technology expertise within the developer community.
This session will give you an inside look on Cloudinary’s plan to help build and enable an ecosystem of leaders for the new media-driven visual web via the newly launched Media Developer Experts Program.

The visual future of content editing by Jordan Patterson
The CMS editing experience hasn’t changed much in the last decade. However, site building tools like Squarespace, Medium, and Webflow, have become much more sophisticated. CMSs optimize for developer experience (DX) while site-builders optimize for the user experience (UX). In the future, DX and UX will merge and content management will be more visual while giving devs the control they need. In this talk, learn about the future of content management for the Jamstack followed by a demo of an experimental editing UI from the team.

Taking on Pro Bono Projects by Taylor Poulos
As designers and developers, we have valuable technical skills that can help organizations that do good. However, relatively few of us do this kind of pro bono work. This session will discuss how to get started, and the lessons I’ve learned about taking on these kinds of projects from working with The Columbia Human Rights Law Review.

9:30 PMEnd


Lightning talks are 10 minutes and should provide valuable techniques and be useful. If you’d like to speak, [send me an email]( and tell me what you'd like to speak about. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Charis, loves spicy dumplings and her cat Ferdinand.

CSI Starrett-Lehigh


CSI Starrett-Lehigh 601 W 26th Street, Suite 325,
(Between 11th & 12th Ave),
New York, NY 10001

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