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Lunch Sessions

Last years lunch session crowd

Interested in getting even more out of your Smashing experience? Our amazing friends from Deque, Microsoft and Netlify are hosting a session to tell you everything about a topic in their field. We have only have 30 spots available.

At lunchtime, just follow one of the volunteers in the red shirts. Grab some lunch, settle in, and listen to the talk filled with practical examples. Both talks take about 40 mins, so after the session you will still have time to relax and mingle.

Easy Accessibility Testing For Dev Teams with Deque

Tuesday, October 15th at 1:40 PM in the Green Room

The secret to easy accessibility is building it into your process as early as possible. Join us for a live demonstration of accessibility testing techniques and tools that you can build into your development process from the very beginning.

Noah Mashni Noah Mashni is the Solutions Architect at Deque. Noah has a passion for digital equality and solving complex problems using technology. Noah has over 9 years, and counting, working in the software industry.
April Ellsey April Ellsey is the Senior Product Manager at Deque. She is a very experienced Product Owner and has plenty of research experience too! She cares deeply for customers, which shows in her and Deque’s work.

The Web We Want — Microsoft

Tuesday, October 15th at 1:40 PM at the Auditorium

The Web We Want

If you build websites, you inevitably run into problems. Maybe there’s no way to achieve an aspect of your design using CSS. Or maybe there’s a device feature you really wish you could tap into using JavaScript. Or perhaps the in-browser DevTools don’t give you a key insight you need to do your job. We want to know your pain.

Submit your Wants for the Web and you could get to present it to an expert panel of judges and audience live on stage. Best of all, the top problems will win awesome prizes! Submit your wants for the web (until October 11th) on the WebWeWant website ↬

Want to attend the lunch session? Make sure you register a free ticket below.

Develop, Test, and Deploy Serverless Functions with Netlify

Wednesday, October 16th at 1:30 PM in the Green Room

Making dynamic app functionality on the Jamstack often involves writing custom APIs as “glue code”, “token hiders” and other business logic traditionally done on the server. Even without a Jamstack architecture, serverless functions can be a great add-on, autoscaling solution for additional functionality for existing apps. It should be -easy- to spin up these serverless functions, but learning, testing and deploying them can often be more trouble than they are worth.

This show-and-tell session will look at what you can do with serverless functions, how to get started creating and locally testing them with Netlify Dev, and finally deploying them as Netlify Functions with atomic deployments and instant rollbacks. Static has never looked this dynamic!

Shawn Swyx Wang

Shawn Swyx Wang is an Infinite Builder working on Developer Experience at Netlify. In his free time he helps people Learn in Public at and /r/reactjs.

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