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Maggie Wachs

Maggie Wachs

Maggie is a front end developer with Filament Group who started out building layouts with table tags and testing in Netscape. Along the way she co-authored Designing with Progressive Enhancement (2010, New Riders), and now focuses on writing code and thoughtful documentation that can be seamlessly handed off to clients, along with researching and writing about accessibility for Filament Group's blog.

When her laptop is closed, she's outside running, skiing, wrangling kids, and working on local conservation efforts in New Hampshire.

Maggie Wachs's Talk

Lessons Learned From A Decade Of Building Pattern Libraries

Tue, 15th – 4:05 PM

Creating a pattern library has become an integral part of developing large-scale web sites; a quick web search will turn up dozens of helpful blog posts, builders, plugins, and other tools for streamlining their development.

Even with these valuable resources at our disposal, the team at Filament Group has found that challenges persist when starting and maintaining a pattern library: How do we ensure that the pattern library doesn’t fade into obscurity, but actually educates team members, makes development more efficient, and helps us stay accountable to accessibility and performance goals?

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