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Átila Fassina

Átila Fassina

Átila Fassina is on a mission to make code simple. When not recording screencasts or courses, you may find him either writing and talking about jamstack, performance, or developer tooling.

Currently, he works as Senior Developer Experience Engineer at Xata and he writes for Smashing Magazine.

Átila Fassina's Talk

Optimistic UX

Wednesday, 12th – 3:30 PM

Once upon a time, the browser was passive to what logic the server would decide to show. Fast-forward a bit, we entered the world of Single Page Applications, and suddenly we had control over presentation logic. Pending UIs and loading spinners enabled us to give the user feedback that something was happening.

Nowadays, the gap between server-side and client-side is narrowed enough that we can have more control and anticipate what the response should be before we even fetch the data. Let's have a look at why and how we can use optimism to offer users a snappy (and smashing!) user experience.