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Henri Helvetica

Henri Helvetica

Henri is Head of Developer Community at WebPageTest, who has turned his interests into a passionate mix of site performance engineering and pinches of user experience.

When not reading the deluge of daily research docs and case studies, or auditing sites, Henri can be found contributing back to the community: Toronto Web Performance Group meetup + Jamstack TORONTO organizer + curating conference content or volunteering his time for lunch and learns at various bootcamps.

Additionally, you can find him frequenting conferences and touching base w/ the community - all with a radiant smile. Otherwise, Henri focuses on running the fastest 5k possible (surprise surprise).

Henri Helvetica's Talk

Web Performance

Henri is a seasoned web performance professional. In his talk he will focus on practical things every developer can do to increase the performance of their projects, whilst not compromising on the project’s UX/UI.

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