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What’s That?

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How is your site or app performing these days? Are you on the right track? What could you do to improve your product — be it accessibility, usability, loading speed, or driving sales? With our audits, you’ll get an honest, unbiased review — plus guidelines and action points to do better.

How Does It Work? 5 Simple Steps

We want to address your issues head-on, and for that we need to know what you’d like to focus on. Once you’ve chosen a topic, you can tell us what you’d like the audit to focus on, and we’ll get right to it. You should get a recording within 72h.

  1. Book an audit of your choice.
    Once you’ve found an expert, please proceed to the checkout. You can also book an additional 1:1-live meeting with the expert if needed.
  2. Add your URL and details.
    In the checkout, please add an URL to a website, app, mock-up, or prototype. Explain what you’d like us to focus on. You can add a private note or attach any helpful files. If your site isn’t public, please also provide credentials for access.
  3. Once you’ve purchased an audit, you’ll receive a confirmation email.
    We’ll contact you with a delivery date, and we’ll let you know if anything is unclear, too. If something goes wrong, please reach out at, and we’ll help you right away.
  4. Get the audit (video) + report.
    You’ll receive a link with the video recording of the audit and a written report (PDF) with key findings and action points.

    If you also book a live meeting, you’ll get a link to book an appointment at a time slot that's convenient for you. Please prepare questions to ask directly.
  5. Show the audit to your colleagues.
    It's worth discussing the results of the audit with your colleagues. With an Extended Audit, you'll also receive a Keynote file you can use to illustrate your points vividly.

The audit should help you identify and approach the problems and shortcomings of your site or apps. Good luck with the next steps! Please let us know if we could improve something by sending an email at