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Vitaly Friedman giving a remote workshop.

Our audits don’t explore the big picture. Rather, you choose a specific audit, and an expert in that topic will audit your product with your goals in mind. Be it accessibility, web performance, interface design, or conversion.

You’ll get an honest, unbiased review — plus guidelines and action points to do better.

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  • Front-End Performance Audit

    with Vitaly Friedman

    Front-End & Performance Audit video audit + written report
    Performance matters. This audit will help you make performance a competitive advantage to you. We’ll help you not just detect performance issues, but practical techniques to address them for good.

    Discover performance bottlenecks and a performance strategy — with an honest, unbiased, and actionable video audit by Vitaly Friedman, a front-end consultant and creative lead behind Smashing Magazine.

    You’ll get recommendations and strategies to improve experience, retention, engagement and drive conversion along the way. The audit will focus on how to boost your performance and search engine rankings with better Core Web Vitals scores and Lighthouse scores. As a result, you’ll get a actionable pointers on how to improve experience, retention, engagement and drive conversion along the way.

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  • UX Audit

    with Vitaly Friedman

    UX/UI audit video audit + written report
    Customers don’t use an interface when it appears complex and difficult to use. Let’s address that. Let’s figure out some smart techniques and strategies to improve navigation, tables, carousels, sliders, forms, onboarding, user flows, and everything in-between.

    With this audit, we’ll make complex tasks appear easier, improve accessibility, streamline user flows and eliminate blockers and dead-ends to communicate the message that your business wants to deliver. All of that by improving user experience and driving business metrics.

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  • eCommerce Audit

    with Vitaly Friedman

    eCommerce UX audit video audit + written report
    In eCommerce, an average abandonment rate is around 65–68%. This is usually caused by ambiguous copywriting and severe problems related to finding or understanding products or a painfully slow checkout. We can’t bring the abandonment rate to 0, but we can shave off at least 15% with some smart and straightforward optimizations. So let’s do just that!

    With this audit, we’ll focus on showing the right details and asking for the right data in the right order and at the right pace to improve conversion and customer satisfaction. That means removing distractions, minimizing friction and avoiding disruptions and dead ends caused by the seemingly beautiful UI.

    As a result, you’ll get practical tips and pointers on boosting your landing pages and product pages, removing doubts and eliminating concerns, improving conversion, and stabilizing revenue.

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