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Practical workshops with all video recordings, slides and Q&A. All prices are final, incl. VAT (if applicable). Save up to US$150 with our friendly bundles.

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Form Design Masterclass  Tue & Wed, Jan 19–27

New Adventures In Front-End, 2021 Edition  Thu & Fri, Jan 21 – Feb 5

Building Modern HTML Emails  Tue & Wed, Feb 2–10

The SVG Animation Masterclass  Thu & Fri, February 11–26

The CSS Layout Masterclass  Tue & Wed, Feb 16–17

Successful Design Systems  Tue & Wed, Feb 23 – Mar 9

Psychology For UX and Product Design  Thu & Fri, March 4–12

Behavioral Design Workshop  Thu & Fri, Mar 18 – Apr 1

Finding Clients Masterclass  Tue & Wed, Mar 16–24

Architecting Design Systems  Thu & Fri, April 8–16

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