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Practical workshops with all video recordings, slides and Q&A. All prices are final, incl. VAT (if applicable). Save up to US$150 with our bundles.

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The React Performance Masterclass  Thu & Fri, July 28 – August 11

Interface Design Patterns UX Training  Mon & Wed, Sep 9 – Oct 7

Designing Better UX With Top Tasks  Tue & Wed, Sept 13–27

Designing Better Products Masterclass  Wed & Fri, Sep 21 – Oct 5

Optimistic UI Masterclass  Thu & Fri, Oct 6–14 2022

Designing for Emotion Masterclass  Mon & Tue, Oct 17–18 2022

Architecting Design Systems  Thu & Fri, October 6–14 2022

Designing The Perfect Web Forms  Thu & Fri, November 17–18

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