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Final prices, no surprises. What you see is what you pay: all transaction fees are included. We have only 50 spots, so please don’t wait too long to secure your ticket. We’d love to welcome you. ❤️

Did you know that 🎪 Smashing Members get early access to early-birds and save up to 25% off the regular price? Plus free eBooks, Smashing TV and a few other goodies. Just sayin’ ;-) Meow!

CSS Layout Masterclass // Thu & Wed, Apr 14–15

Design Systems // Wed & Thu, Apr 22–May 6

🎪 Smashing Members save up to $100 off.

Psychology for UX and Product Design // Mon & Tue, April 27–May 5

Resilient Systems with CSS/Sass // Thu & Fri, May 7–22

Smart Interface Design Patterns // Tue & Wed, May 12–26