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Addy Osmani


Addy is on the Chrome team at Google, working on tools to help improve developer productivity and satisfaction. His personal projects include TodoMVC, which helps developers compare JavaScript MVC frameworks and AuraJS. He has also written 'Developing Backbone.js Applications' and 'Learning JavaScript Design Patterns'.

Componentize The Web!

Tuesday, 18th – 09:55

This year web development gets a whole lot better thanks to the incredible power of Web Components. In this Smashing talk, we'll use polyfills to help you realize tomorrow's web platform today. Learn how to build your own custom tags with true encapsulation that are easily shareable and even extend native browser tags.

We'll talk about shadow DOM, custom elements, declarative data/event binding, touch input, smooth animations, and how you can combine them to create awesome apps. Write less boilerplate, target every platform, and be more productive by using the next generation of the web platform.

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