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Nathan Ford


Nathan is Creative Director at Mark Boulton Design, where he works on projects with clients such as CERN, ESPN and Al Jazeera. He's also the Creator and Product Lead on Gridset, a simple tool that makes designing advanced grid systems for the Web a breeze.

Born and raised in Texas, Nathan now lives just outside Cardiff, Wales. He is deeply enamoured with both design and development, and all the magnificent ways in which they can interact. Catch his occasional thoughts on all aspects of the web at Art=Work, and peruse his ever-growing arsenal of tiny Web design tools on Github.

Connecting Content, Layout, and Device Through Fluid Grids

Wednesday, 19th – 12:05

Layout is as important to successful content as typography, color, or imagery, but increasing complexity in web design techniques can keep us stuck in tired, ubiquitous patterns. Fluid layout represents a shift to designing for constant change, and many popular layout tools – such as grid frameworks – can zap the originality out of our designs by sacrificing creativity for easing our responsive layout pains. So how do we design for fluidity without losing the clarity and distinctive tone that our content deserves?

Beautiful, fluid layouts do not need to be mystifying. Nathan will take you through examples of how ubiquitous, one-size-fits-all grids can hinder our designs, and show you ways to build with fluidity and ingenuity from the start. He will demonstrate how to derive bespoke grid systems from your content, strengthening the connectedness of device, content and layout, and then show you how to adapt your layout as needed to maintain your smart compositional decisions across an ever-changing canvas.

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