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Peter Smart


Peter Smart is a designer, speaker and writer from the UK, working with global organisations to drive innovation through user-centred design.

Peter has a reputation for pushing boundaries and doing creative things with the web, from travelling 2517 miles to solve 50 Problems in 50 Days using design, to co-creating ViziCities: visualising real-world cities in realtime using big data and the power of the web.

Peter is a contributing author to two books on design and regularly writes on UX and best practice.

Innovation By Design

Wednesday, 19th – 14:40

We all aspire to create amazing digital services that solve real problems for real people. However, this is often easier said than done. Designing for innumerable users, managing complex requirements, conflicting needs, stakeholder demands, endless features, exhausting timescales and countless voices can mean we can get caught up trying to appeal to many but solving for few.

Sharing his experiences creating a revolutionary tool for British Airways, Peter Smart will show you practical ways to use design to manage complexity while keeping the needs of real people at the core of creating truly problem-solving experiences.

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