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Scott Kellum


Scott is a designer at VOX Media creating beautiful features for The Verge as well as having worked on SB Nation and Polygon. With a classical graphic design background and passion for code, he is particularly interested in the areas where design and development meet and have worked on numerous Compass plugins like Modular Scale, Singularity, Color Schemer, and Toolkit to help solve design problems in code. He has previously worked at Treesaver creating rich magazine-like experiences for the Web and Darden Studio drawing typefaces.

Art Directing Posts, Sustainably

Wednesday, 19th – 09:55

Good content requires patience, dedication and hard work. Yet when it comes to presenting that content online, we often squeeze it into a pre-defined container or template, limiting the presentation to the constraints of the existing layout. Art-directed posts break out of these constraints by applying a custom design and layout to give the content a form that it rightfully deserves. However, art-directed posts often take too much time to craft and too much effort to be integrated into a fast-paced editorial routine.

In this talk, Scott Kellum, the creative mind behind editorial features of The Verge, SB Nation and Polygon, discusses practical techniques and strategies for making art-directed posts feasible and sustainable—for small and large publishers. Drawing from his experience on the editorial process and front-end strategies for art-directed posts, Scott will outline a strategic roadmap, filled with practical insights and behind the scenes of his team, lessons learned, internal tools, design process and its evolution over time.

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