Smashing Conference

Tyler Mincey


Tyler worked at Apple for 5 years managing the engineering development of the iPod product line as well as a few key new technologies like the touch screen for the first iPhone. These days he works with his good friends at Fictive Kin building new Web and mobile products, organizing a conference called Brooklyn Beta, and trying to live a life he'll be proud to tell the grandkids about.

Hardware is Hard, so Is Software: Product Development in Bits and Atoms

Wednesday, 19th – 16:00

These days we see more and more web-based software apps being built alongside specific new product hardware. A strong marriage between the hardware and software is critical for delivering a cohesive user experience, but many folks in each camp are working together for the first time.

In this talk, Tyler will attempt to de-mystify what each group typically does by outlining a healthy, iterative development process for each. These will be illustrated with case studies from concept to launch for handheld devices developed at Apple and web apps developed at Fictive Kin.

Tyler will hit on important lessons for software design to be learned from the hardware world, and vice versa, as well as commonalities that highlight universally important dynamics in any healthy design process.

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