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Christopher Murphy is a writer, designer and educator based in Belfast. Adrian Shaughnessy, writing for Creative Review, described him as, “a William Morris for the digital age,” an epithet he aspires to fulfil, daily.

Being the organiser of Break, a conference that ‘questions the edges of design’, he writes about design at Monographic and the importance of work-life balance at fsck. Informing his role as an educator, Chris is a practicing designer whose work spans a variety of media, both analogue and digital.

A Good Writer Is a Good Thinker

Tuesday, 17th – 09:20

We are all united in a common goal: to grow as designers – to become better and to improve – in both our work and in our lives.

In this talk, Christopher Murphy shares the secret to growing as a professional: Writing. Writing, whether publicly or privately, shapes you as a person. Writing is a process, a process through which new ideas are developed, challenged and tested. As David Weinberger put it, many moons ago, you can, “write yourself into existence.”

Regardless of your specialism – designer or developer – Chris will explore the critical role that discovery engines, latticeworks of mental models, and the humble written word can play in improving our thought processes and, by extension, our abilities.

In short: Writing matters. Hugely.

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