Lorna Mitchell


Lorna is a web development consultant and author based "over the hills" in Leeds. Her books include "PHP Master", "PHP Web Services" and "N Ways To Be A Better Developer", and she has spoken at events around the world giving both keynotes and technical talks. At work Lorna consults on web and mobile projects for a variety of clients, building excellent APIs and advising on how teams can improve their development practices. In her spare time Lorna leads the Joind.In open source project; a tool to enable communities to give real-time, public feedback to speakers and organisers of events.

Debugging HTTP

Wednesday, 18th – 11:20

In this world where we have moved beyond web pages and build ever-more asynchronous applications, often things that go wrong result in errors we can't see. This session will give a technical overview of HTTP and how to inspect your application's communications, whether on the web or on a mobile device.

Using a variety of tools, each with their own superpowers, we can quickly and painlessly identify where the problem exists, without spending a lot of time making changes to our application to identify a problem. Whether you're debugging a backend API, an ajax request or an unexpected timeout, these are the tools you will want to have at hand.

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