Natalie Yadrentseva


Natalie is a passionate researcher in information visualisation and a product specialist with Targetprocess. Previously she was involved in projects of various domains and was lucky to have an inner view being a developer, a business analyst and a project manager. In Targetprocess, she is now consulting more than 150 companies around the world on the questions of work with the system, process optimization and agile transformation.

Visualisation that takes us beyond the numbers

Tuesday, 17th – 15:30

For the majority of us, the word ‘visualisation’ is associated with the digital world. The growing interest in understanding the types of visualisation makes infographics and techniques of data visualisation so popular. But are all people visual learners? Can we also bring visual techniques into our daily routine such as brainstorming ideas when designing our product and explaining concepts to our colleagues, visualising the progress and analysing the trends?

Let us talk about the visual management and meaningful visualisation which does not only push all the numbers to make them visible but gives this feeling that someone on another side cares about how and which data will be read.

The Visual Management is a set of knowledge, skills and visual techniques that enable us to work with information visually. Let us have a closer look at the real data, tasks and defects pulled from an open source project, and train visualising them at all phases of work on a product.

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