Paul Lewis


Paul Lewis works on the Google Chrome team as a Developer Advocate. He spends his days profiling runtime performance issues, and helping developers to build faster sites and apps. Do not be fooled by his extreme baldness; it's a solar panel for his cunning and guile.

Making a Silky Smooth Web

Wednesday, 18th – 12:10

Users demand more from their devices and the web every day. They expect that the sites and apps we deliver will run gloriously well. When things don't run at a silky smooth 60fps, users can get frustrated and cranky, and then they'll probably close your site. We should fix that.

In this talk I'll take you through the problems I often see when profiling both my own work, and other peoples'. We'll step through the process of how to find, diagnose, and fix common render performance issues, following which there'll be much rejoicing and high-fiving and winning and celebrating and whooping and hollering and cheering. Or the tip of a hat to a job well done. Your call.

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