Peter Bil'ak


Born in Czechoslovakia, lives in the Netherlands; worked at Studio Dumbar, before started a design studio in The Hague, Netherlands, where he works in the field of editorial, graphic and type design, combined with part time teaching at the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague; in 1999 started Typotheque type foundry, in 2000 founded, edited and designed art & design journal DOT DOT DOT; in 2009 co-founded Indian Type Foundry, now writing for various design related magazines; and collaborating on creation of modern dance performances.

Rethinking Publishing

Tuesday, 17th – 14:40

In this talk, Peter Bil’ak will examine the ways that current publishing practices are rooted in the 19th century, and how in order to move forward, we may have to go back to the roots and reconnect with readers. He will also talk about his recent project, “Works That Work” magazine, which set out to rethink publishing paradigms, starting with its financing, distribution and production.

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