Tom Giannattasio


Tom has been designing and developing on the web for more than 17 years. He's done work for Apple, Oracle, Twitter, MIT, AIGA, National Geographic and more. He's also an author and editor for Smashing Magazine, having published numerous articles and ebooks on various web design topics.

Beyond the browser

Tuesday, 17th – 16:50

HTML is arguably the most common language in the world. The magic of the browser delivers it to us on our phones, on our wrists, in our cars and even on our refrigerators. But HTML is starting to seep beyond the browser and many companies — from startups to major enterprises — are using the open web platform to build full-blown desktop applications. The benefits are diverse and the caveats are dwindling. In this talk, we’ll explore what going hybrid entails and how to utilize the skills you already have to start building killer, HTML-based desktop apps. It’s time to think beyond the browser.

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