Hannah Donovan


Hannah Donovan is a product designer and speaker based in New York City. She’s worked at the intersection of design, music and technology for the last decade, and currently leads product design at Drip.

Previously, Hannah was VP Product Design at Ripcord (a product incubator funded by MTV), co-founded This Is My Jam with incubation from The Echo Nest, led design at Last.fm in London, and designed for youth-focused brands in Toronto.

She’s a classically trained cellist who loves hip-hop and R&B, as well as a classically trained graphic designer who loves bold patterns, clashing textures and type. She also loves tigers, but isn’t classically trained to tame them.

Souls & Machines: Designing The Future Of Content

Wednesday, 16th – 11:20

Not too long ago, it seemed like big data and collaborative filtering were going to solve our desires for discovery and inspiration. At the same time, platforms dedicated to new methods of self expression – music, writing, video etc. – have matured, and their new forms of content have become mainstays of our culture.

Today, content companies are adapting to become digital products, and tech companies are learning to make content. How does a product designer navigate this changing landscape? What are the answers to questions like “humans vs. computers”; “pro vs. user-generated content”; and “opinion vs. democracy”? This and more will be answered through case studies, experiments and of course, stories. Come to learn, stay for the fun :)

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