Heydon Pickering


Heydon is a writer and inclusive design consultant. He is interested in accessible design systems and algorithmic interface layouts. He tweets as @heydonworks and is an external editor for Smashing Magazine. He also wrote the book Apps For All.

Joining Up The Dots

Tuesday, 15th – 17:50

Brain function, language and the World Wide Web are all systems constituted by dots - notions, signifiers, locations - joined up with lines - synapses, relationships, links. In fact, the expression "connecting up the dots" is synonymous with making and completing something meaningful.

This talk explores the Web as the ultimate outcome of our unique impulse to make systems of shared meaning, and addresses threats to the Web's public and interconnected nature from within and without its technical development. Deforestation, Hegelian dialectics, sharks, Waldorf salads, positivism and Kanye West are all part of the talk's own highly precarious, though still ultimately interrelated, content.

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