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Jon Setzen designed and coded his first website in 1995 and over the years has worked with everyone from Alicia Keys to Nikon to MoMA. For many years he also designed rock posters, which were exhibited in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Tokyo and beyond.

For the past four years, he has been the Creative and UX Director at Media Temple, where he led redesigns of the company’s website and Account Center. In addition to his day job, Jon also creates branding and packaging design for select clients and continues to run the Los Angeles chapter of CreativeMornings which he has hosted since 2010.

Overthinking Design and Embracing Minutia

Wednesday, 16th – 14:30

As experience designers, we spend our days, and often nights, working hard to solve problems for people. Often, the focus of our work is solely put on how a user will interact with any given digital experience. We’re told to work quickly, fail fast, and to not overthink it. What we tend to miss are the many touch points that can help shape the larger user experience and enable customers to have an emotional connection to a product, a service or a company.

In today’s competitive marketplace, service and experience can generate the loyalty and the relevance that make or break brands like never before. In this talk, Jon Setzen will explain how embracing a “design for service” thinking can help digital design teams shift from transaction-driven thinking to a relationship-centric approach.

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