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Wes Bos is an independent full stack JavaScript developer living in Hamilton, Canada where he works with startups and companies to build their products. Wes also works with HackerYou where he teaches web development topics ranging from CSS3 to AngularJS. He is passionate about the workflow and tooling surrounding building web sites and applications. You can find Wes' video tutorials at Wesbos.com and his latest book on Sublime Text at SublimeTextBook.com.

Modern Workflow + Tooling for Front End Developers

Wednesday, 16th – 16:40

How do you create an efficient workflow that helps you build better and faster websites or web apps? What are the tools you should be using? How do they all fit together?

Front end development is changing at a rapid pace and we are seeing a flurry of new tools and suggested workflows. While these tools are supposed to make web development easier, we often find ourselves overwhelmed and unsure of where to start.

This talk will explore and simplify a modern workflow for a front end developer. Diving into what these tools are, how they fit together and which ones you should be using. Using tools such as Gulp, Browserify, Webpack, NPM, PostCSS, Sublime Text and the Command Line, you'll leave this talk with a newfound sense of comfort in our current development landscape.

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