Below you’ll find the first confirmed talks for SmashingConf Toronto 2018. We’ll add more talks throughout the next couple of weeks, so be sure to keep checking in! Stay updated.

Tuesday, 26th | Wednesday, 27th

08:30 Doors Open
9:30 Welcome and Intro

Til Launch Do Us Part

From one designer to a front-end developer: I’m so grateful for you. You take my pretty pictures and turn them into real-live websites and applications; you convert ideas and sketches into real things that people can use. And even despite that superpower, you rarely get the respect you deserve. It’s time for that to change. No longer will I throw my comps over the proverbial wall for you to blindly build. I’ll change my process for you. Let’s sketch together more to be more efficient and effective as a team. Let’s decide in the browser more. I’ll learn to write JSON for you. Let’s share stories about new, more modern ways of doing shipping products at higher quality in record time. This is gonna be great!


CSS (Variable) Secrets

You may have heard about CSS Variables (aka CSS Custom Properties), but think it’s not something you can use yet. Plus, you already have your preprocessor pipeline in place, why should you care?

This talk will show how CSS Variables are much more powerful than static preprocessor variables and can be used today without compromising progressive enhancement.

You will also learn several creative tips and tricks to take full advantage of them. As is customary with Lea’s CSS talks, expect a swath of live demos to demonstrate the material.

11:30 Coffee break!

Building an SVG Animation from Start to Finish

In this talk, Sarah will start with only an Illustrator document and by the end, make it move! It's not clear what exactly will move and how- this is something she and the audience will discover together. The talk will be completely unique- the plan will not be set in stone. She'll live-code (warts and all) and you'll see her process as she'll animate an SVG in the time allotted. She'll optimize, work with styles, and create an animation with javascript, and even ask for audience participation at times to decide what happens next. Come watch for a one-time show!



What you don’t know can’t hurt you, at least that’s the old saying. But on the web, it is precisely the things that you don’t know and can’t see that can cause the biggest headaches. The web is an unstable and unpredictable environment and every day there are complications that go unnoticed and unseen—but not by the people trying to use your site. Building a stable, usable experience online requires that we broaden our perspective.

13:40 Lunch Break and Lunch-time Session

Applying Psychology And 13 Years Of UX To Get The Details Right And Leapfrog The Competition

Mr Joe will take you on journey, showing how to take an average website and make it exceptional. Joe will talk through a framework for looking at the interactions you design everyday and making them as good as they can be. Then we’ll look at how to take your site to the next level 💥, redesigning the experience live based on psychology and UX theory.


Letters From Oz

Over the past 10 years, Australian designer and artist, Gemma O’Brien, has taken her passion for typography and built a flourishing career around drawing letters. Her bold type and detailed illustration can be seen in work for advertising and editorial clients or painted large-scale onto the walls of galleries, offices and interiors around the world. At SmashingConf 2017, Gemma will tell the story of her big break in the design world, explain how an Australian outlook shapes her work, and consider the importance of analogue craft in the digital future.

16:10 Coffee Break

Tall Tales From A Large Man

Using scientific proof and state-of-the-art multimedia techniques, Aaron James Draplin of the Draplin Design Co. delivers a suckerpunch of a talk that aims to provide bonafide proof of work, the highs and lows of a ferociously independent existence and a couple tall tales from his so-called career in the cutthroat world of contemporary graphic design.

Just a regular guy with a trajectory a little dirtier than yours, his talk is open to all oncomers brave enough to show up. If you are a youngster, you may find yourself inspired to attack your design future in a different way. If you are established, you may just leave feeling grateful you don’t have anything to do with him. Hard to say. Be there!


Cross Cultural Design in the Age of Globalization

In this talk, Creative Director Yiying Lu will share her branding design, illustration and typography projects from a multi-cultural & linguistic aspect. She will showcase and talk about her cross cultural design practices for global companies and organizations, such as Disney Shanghai, NYU Shanghai, Twitter, Cre8 Summit, 500 Startups, the Dumpling Emoji Project and so on. This talk will take audiences on a journey of exploring creativity within cross-cultural communication in the age of globalization.

18:20 Closing Remarks
20:30 Party Time!


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