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Smashing Conference

You probably know the drill: 2 days, 1 single track, 13 speakers. The conference will start around 9:30 AM and we’ll finish around 6 PM on the second conference day. We’ll be hosting our (in)famous side events on April 15, the day before the conference, so it might be worth to arrive in the morning before it all starts. You know, to settle in and stuff.

Our speakers rarely show slides: they show how they work — their setup, techniques and shortcuts for getting work done in live interactive sessions. So expect everything from refactoring and debugging to sketching and redesign, live.

Vitaly, the one who loves ice cream, front-end, UX and has tons of crazy ideas.

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Tuesday, 16th | Wednesday, 17th

8:30Doors Open

Let's Build a Design System!

Build a design system in less than an hour? That's crazy. But not entirely impossible. In this session, Brad will demonstrate how to use Pattern Lab to simultaneously build both a design system's frontend components and several screens of a real pilot project.

Throughout the talk, he'll discuss topics like frontend code architecture, designing in the browser, modular development best practices, designing with dynamic data, and more.


Accessibility, CSS

Coming soon!

11:30Coffee Break

Effortless Performance Debugging

The website is already live. You are really proud of how it turned out, but then you notice that something is off… After some time you realize that the problem might lie in performance: things take too long to load, there are moments when you see awkward content jumps and at times scrolling feels painful. Sounds familiar? This talk is for you.

During the session we will talk about the causes of painful performance and look into simple and actionable steps how to make a website more performant with a little effort. Most of the examples will be based on a real-life debugging experience. We will dive into the undiscovered areas of Developer Tools and into the basic performance auditing. I will help you understand how browser rendering works and why it can be one of the causes of flawed interaction performance. To leave you with some ideas about where to start your debugging, I will also provide you with examples of UI patterns that are bound to slow down your experience, if implemented incorrectly.


Delightful and Usable Interface Animation

Your site’s interface is how users will learn about your organization, buy your products, obtain information they’re looking for, or countless other tasks. So it’s imperative that it be usable, efficient, and pleasant.

But by adding animation into the mix, when done right, can give your interface a significant boost! It can help users understand changes in context, visualize content or data in an easier way, and flat out make the experience memorable.

In this hands-on session, we’ll cover some basics of interface animation as we build a fun and functional page together. Learn how to move from design to code, adding in motion and timing, and then control it all with our user’s interactions.

13:40Lunch Break

Interface Design

Coming soon!


UX, Process, Design Research

Coming soon!

16:50Coffee break

How to Think Like a Front-End Developer

The job title front-end developer is very real. Job boards around the world confirm that. But what is that job exactly? What do you need to know to do it? What do the people that are very good at it think about how and why they do their work?

We’re going to go through a journey through all of this, not just for the sake of it, but because we’ll learn how we can be better at our job by understanding how other people are good at theirs.

We’ll also get into the idea that front-end development might be going through a bit of an identity crisis with the front end becoming home to more and more complex technology.

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