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Darin Senneff

Darin Senneff

Darin Senneff is a freelance designer and developer based in Brooklyn, NY. With a background in design, development, and animation, he marries the visual and technical worlds to create experiences that are innovative and emotional (and sometimes even a little bit weird). Formerly the Director of Design at Column Five, and Art Director at Blueprint Interactive, Darin now works with startups, tech companies, and agencies to create fun and usable interfaces.

Delightful and Usable Interface Animation

Tuesday, 16th – 12:50 PM

Your site’s interface is how users will learn about your organization, buy your products, obtain information they’re looking for, or countless other tasks. So it’s imperative that it be usable, efficient, and pleasant.

But by adding animation into the mix, when done right, can give your interface a significant boost! It can help users understand changes in context, visualize content or data in an easier way, and flat out make the experience memorable.

In this hands-on session, we’ll cover some basics of interface animation as we build a fun and functional page together. Learn how to move from design to code, adding in motion and timing, and then control it all with our user’s interactions.