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Jennifer Brook

Jennifer Brook

Jennifer is a staff design researcher at Dropbox where she helps teams discover and solve meaningful problems through the power of fieldwork, facilitation, co-creation, and visioning.

Over the past 10 years, she's worked with organizations like Art+Feminism, The New York Times, Apple, Vice, and O'Reilly to redesign existing products and invent new ones.

She loves riding funiculars, ferries, bicycles, and her Vespa. 🛵

Jennifer Brook's Talk

Yes, And? — How To Use The Power Of Facilitation To Align Minds And Include People

Tuesday, 16th – 4:00 PM

Within a context of continual change on our teams, projects, and within our work, how do we build trust, design alliances, and navigate conflict? How can we work with teams and within organizations to transform knowledge into action? How do we cultivate a shared understanding about a problem space and align groups to make key decisions?

Facilitation is powerful skill in design. In this talk, we’ll spark within you a love and appreciation for facilitation, demonstrate hands-on ways to try it out, and share with you how facilitation can be practiced to create a more equitable and inclusive culture at work.

In this talk, you will —

  • Practice creative skills needed to facilitate healthy team dialogue and align a group
  • Learn how to incorporate reflection into any design process or project for the sake of shared learning
  • Understand how to “see” and work with power and within power structures in ways that benefit the collective
  • Leave with a list of resources if you want to learn more