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Steve Schoger

Steve Schoger

Steve is a designer and partner at Tailwind Labs — the folks behind Tailwind CSS, Tailwind UI, and Refactoring UI. He is mostly known for the design tips he shares on Twitter and his UI design breakdowns on YouTube.

More recently, he has been building Heroicons — a collection of free, SVG icons for the web.

Steve Schoger's Talk

Refactoring UI: Practical Interface Solutions That Go A Long Way

Tuesday, 16th – 3:10 PM

In interface design, little details make all the difference. Sometimes an interface looks complicated, clunky, boring and difficult but it seems to be very difficult to point out why it’s like that, and how we can improve it. Often just a few minor touches are enough to turn a seemingly complex design into a straightforward one. In this session, Steve will be providing strategies and techniques to achieve just that — refactoring live, on stage.

We'll be looking at a poorly designed UI and will be redesigning it, while looking at common issues faced by designers and developers regularly — from colors and borders and icons to box-shadows and tables and price labels. By the end of the session, you’ll see what difference a few small changes can do to bring a design to the next level.