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A lot of balloons at SmashingConf SF 2019.

You probably know the drill: 2 days, 1 single track, 10 speakers.

Both days start at 9 AM PDT (check your time), and we’ll finish around 4 PM on both days. Join us for talks, interactive sessions, followed up with a time for Q&As and discussion zones. Ah, and the best bit: on both days you can play an active role — interacting with speakers and other attendees.

Looking forward to meet you!

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Our speakers rarely show slides: they show how they work — their setup, techniques and shortcuts for getting work done in live interactive sessions. So expect everything from refactoring and debugging to sketching and redesign, live.

Vitaly, the one who loves ironing, front-end, UX and has tons of crazy ideas.

Conference Tuesday, 10th | Conference Wednesday, 11th

Tuesday, 10th – Conference

9:00 AM

Doors Open

9:00 AM

The Pizza Show 🍕

Get some pizza… eh coffee and join Sara Soueidan and Vitaly Friedman at their Pizza Show. They’ll be looking forward to today.

9:15 AM

Smashing To Meet You! ☕️

We love getting to know you a little bit better. Join the session and learn a bit more about your fellow attendees, the organisers and maybe even yourself! ;-)

9:45 AM


Kicking off the first day of SmashingConf San Francisco! Just some welcome words, guide to the platform and friendly chat. We can’t wait to meet you!

10:00 AM

VR For Productivity And Work

VR offers the ability to close the distance and facilitate connection between people. As many industries shift to remote work this is more important than ever. VR can supercharge our productivity at home and at work, learn about how we’ve been approaching these opportunities at Oculus.

Chelsea Klukas
10:40 AM

CSR, SSR, SSG, ISG, & WTF.OMG?BBQ! with Next.js with Ahmad Awais

Should this page be static, server-rendered, or should I do it all on the client-side? Maybe I should regenerate the page every sec on the server? Dang! Decisions like these for Next.js beginners are pretty hard. Let Ahmad Awais help you decide.

Ahmad Awais
11:05 AM

The Brand of Content Strategy

Why is this growing discipline still so hard to understand?

A decade in, the practice of content strategy has grown tremendously, but we're still struggling to define the brand of the discipline within our own companies and design departments. Even with investment and demonstrable impact, our peers and partners can struggle to understand and articulate what it is exactly we do: It's basically experience strategy, right? It's mostly just copy, yeah? It's definitely Design. It's kind of Marketing. We'll talk about where this misshapen brand identity comes from, how to (re)establish it, and how to make it stick.

Whitney Homans
12:15 PM

Storytelling: The Secret Weapon For Brands

The New York Times is the most innovative storyteller in the world, famous for turning complex subjects into digestible narratives with its unique brand of storytelling. It's in-house brand studio is responsible for applying these techniques to branded content in a way that's creative, visceral and keeps the audience engaged.

As former Creative Director of the studio, I'll go through some of the greatest success stories in recent years and some of the design and storytelling methods we utilise to bring these stories to life.

Graham McDonnell
1:00 PM

Beyond The Styles Pane: 15 DevTools Tips Every Front-end Designer Should Know

Lunch session by our friends from The Web We Want.

Rachel Simone Weil is an experimental artist and hardware hacker who currently works on developer tools for the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser. She has spoken about the intersections of Javascript, 8-bit homebrew, and art at numerous conferences including OSCON, NodeConf EU, Node Interactive, and Signal.

Rachel will be giving you 15 DevTools tips every front-end designer should know, and after this talk you will.

Rachel Weil
1:10 PM

Lunch Break

🥗 Let's have lunch, while enjoying DJ Tobi's tunes. What are you going to have?
Have you found the Smashing Members stand already?

1:40 PM

Inclusion Is Not Your Job

In his “Inclusion is not your job” talk, Farai will discuss practical ways we can be inclusive. Turns out, even if we are not in HR or a manager, we can do a lot!

Farai Madzima
2:50 PM

Better Communication, Better Design

Design is a medium for communication, and to do it well, we must cultivate our own communication skills. Within design teams, we do our best work when we create a culture of feedback shaped by our creative space and our design review process. Beyond the design tribe, our work thrives when it’s communicated in language that aligns to the goals of the business and invites participation early and often.

In this presentation, Aarron will share the experiences of real design teams at Apple, Spotify, and other organizations to show how to improve the communication of design both inside your team and with key outside stakeholders. You’ll see how to run effective design reviews and retrospectives which will help you create a culture of feedback that produces better work, helps designers sharpen their skills, and communicates the value of design by making it more transparent and inviting.

Aarron Walter
3:50 PM

After Party

Don't leave us yet, we'll be hosting a little party! Join us for a little quiz, live DJ performance, silly dance moves, and design & coding challenges.

Wednesday, 11th – Conference

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