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Topple, the Smashing Cat is sad.

Unfortunately, due to recommendations from the SF Mayor's office restricting group size, and with countless travel bans in place affecting speakers, attendees, and team members, we cannot give you the conference experience you expect and deserve. For these, and many more reasons, SmashingConf SF (April 21–22) is re-scheduled for November 10–11, 2020.

See our full statement here.

Eva Ferreira

Eva Ferreira

Evangelina Ferreira is a Front-end developer and teacher. She currently works as a UI Developer and has been teaching web technologies at the National Technological University of Argentina for more than five years.

Throughout her career Evangelina has been deeply involved in the Argentinian web community. She enjoys giving workshops and talks and since 2015 she has been organizing CSSConf Argentina, an international non-profit event that brings experts from all around the globe to speak about web technologies.

In her spare time she loves reading W3C drafts as much as Harry Potter, creating animations and playing with her cats.

Better Debugging, Live

Wed, 11th – 10:35 AM

Finding and solving bugs should not be a burden but an adventure. With the right tools we can rethink the way we find and solve the issues in our code.

During this session we will not only learn how we can make debugging a more enjoyable and learning experience but also, how we can create a more consistent and future-proof codebase. We will look into the best browser tools and the best mechanisms that will let us find the most deceptive, tricky and hard-to-find bugs!