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Marc Edwards

Marc Edwards

Marc Edwards is a designer, an icon speedrunner, the creator of strange generative art GIFs, and the founder of Bjango. Bjango is best known for iStat Menus and their upcoming design tool, Skala.

Marc has written for Smashing Magazine, iMore, and posts articles on Bjango’s own site. He also created and maintains a bunch of open source, design related projects.

Marc Edwards's Talk

How To Speedrun Icons

Wednesday, 11th – 2:50 PM

What’s the fastest way to create a heart icon? How about a puzzle piece, or a settings cog? By revisiting the fundamentals of icon design, we’ll explore how these deceptively simple shapes can be created at higher precision and with fewer steps, speeding up your entire workflow.

In this talk, Marc will share countless practical tips and techniques that work in many design tools.