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Whitney Homans

Whitney Homans

Whitney is a Senior Design Manager over UX Content Strategy at Mailchimp. She started the UX Content Strategy discipline at Mailchimp in 2017 and has grown it into a team of 7 that works cross-functionally among Mailchimp's product areas.

She does Ashtanga yoga, loves a good em dash, and continues to enthusiastically suffer through Georgia sports.

Users Don’t Care Who Wrote It

Tuesday, 10th – 12:10 PM

Achieving a unified voice and content strategy on fragmented teams. (And tips for bringing them together.)

Disciplines split across teams, departments, and surface areas can create all kinds of swirl and confusion, particularly for content strategy teams looking to deliver a cohesive voice and structure to users. In this fragmented world, how do you set standards and develop systems? How do you make decisions? Who’s responsible for governance? How do you disseminate information that won’t get lost in a flood of decks and docs? How do you bring the discipline together? And how do you make sure users never know the difference?