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Youri Wims

Youri Wims

Youri Wims is a Senior Engineer at HashiCorp. She specializes in front-end technologies and languages, but never shys away from opportunities to dive into the back-end. She enjoys creating user-centered products that are not only innovative and optimized, but also accessible.

Previously, as a UI Developer for Mozilla, she also served as one of the content creators for the Mozilla Developer YouTube channel where she was able to conceptualize and produce accessibility tutorials. As someone who is relatively new in the dev community, she is enthusiastic about educating and helping new developers transition into the dev world feeling confident, prepared, and ready to make a positive impact.

Youri Wims's Talk

Automated Frontend Testing + You = ❤️

Wednesday, 11th – 1:40 PM

“If debugging is the process of removing bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in.” —Edsger Dijkstra

We've all be there—a new feature has been designed, built, and is ready to be released. Or maybe you've updated an existing feature, manually tested it, and feel confident in your changes. That is...until it went live and resulted in a bug. Now, you're left wondering how you could've missed the fact that your feature includes a component that's shared across other features within your application; and of course, updating it affects more features than just the one you intended to change.

Even the most rigorously, manually tested frontend applications can result in costly production bugs and increased workload for everyone involved. Yet, automated frontend testing can often feel like unfamiliar territory, but it doesn't have to. Join Youri as she provides an introduction to the different types of automated frontend testing and how you can get started with including them in your workflow to accelerate the development process, reduce business expenses, and identify potential bugs before they get into production.