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Lunch Sessions

Last years lunch session crowd

Interested in getting even more out of your Smashing experience? Our amazing friends from STUDIO and SpeedCurve are hosting a session to let you know more about what they do and how their solutions can help your day-to-day work! Their session is free, and only have 30 spots available.

At lunch time, just follow one of the volunteers in the red shirts. Grab some lunch, settle in, and listen to the talk filled with practical examples. The sessions will is 40 minutes, so you will still have time to relax and mingle after the session.


Tuesday, June 21th at 2 PM

Tired of creating a prototype that looks and interacts like the final experience, only to have them recreated from scratch in code later? STUDIO, a team of web designers and developers backed by IDEO, have developed a new approach for creating frontend web experiences with ease and speed.

Join the founders to see what it's like behind the scenes to build a graphical user interface enabling Design, Data, and Logic creation for the frontend, plus a sneak peak at exciting technologies to come.

Keima Kai

Keima Kai is a founder/CPO of STUDIO. As he is building out the Frontend Design Workspace by day, at night he dreams of a future where design and code can be automated.

Kelvin Ha

Kelvin Ha is a product manager at STUDIO. He has previously led digital experience teams at Nissan, Softbank, and Adobe.

SpeedCurve Performance audits

Wednesday, June 22th at 2 PM

Want to know how fast your site is, how it performs against Google’s Core Web Vitals, and what you need to fix to make it faster? Bring your website, get it audited with usability/performance expert Tammy Everts and take away some immediate action items for delivering a faster UX.

Tammy Everts

Tammy Everts is a UX & webperf researcher/writer/speaker. Recovering perfectionist. CXO SpeedCurve, and she shares the findings via countless blog posts, presentations, case studies, articles, and reports.

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