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Addy Osmani

Addy Osmani

Addy Osmani is an engineering leader working on Google Chrome. He leads up Chrome's Developer Experience organization, helping reduce the friction for developers to build great user experiences. Addy's books include Smashing's Image Optimization, Learning JavaScript Design Patterns (2nd edition now out!), Patterns and Software Engineering: The Soft Parts.

Addy Osmani's Talk

Life Lessons by our Mystery Speaker

Wednesday, 22nd – 9:45 AM

During the pandemic, after working on Google Chrome for 10 years, Addy — like many other people — started to self-reflect and think about life lessons. He found that self-reflection can be powerful. When we reflect on what we’ve learned or the mistakes we’ve made, it allows us to apply those learnings to our daily lives. Without this, these ideas can end up fleeting and fade away.

But it's not just his own life lessons he was interested in. What would others' life lessons be, and what can we learn from them?. This began a two-year project where Addy asked some well-known names to self-reflect. What were the lessons that stuck with them over time?

In this talk, Addy will cover many of these ‘lessons’ — and whether you’re an engineer, designer, product manager, or otherwise — so you can use them, the way you want!