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Cassie Evans

Cassie Evans

Cassie is an international speaker and developer with a background in graphic design and motion design. She has written for CSS-Tricks and Codrops and has thrown workshops for Smashing Magazine. She currently works as a creative developer and educator at GreenSock.

When learning to code she was blown away by how supportive the web community was and loves nothing more than giving back and passing this knowledge on to new developers. Her favourite motto for teaching others is "assume zero experience but infinite intelligence".

She loves creating and encouraging spaces for people to share, learn and bounce ideas off each other.

When she's not tinkering on the web, she's off having adventures in the English countryside with her best pal Brody - the most wonderful dog in the world.

SVG Animation

Cassie is all about making fun and interactive things. And because her favorite tool is SVG animation, we’ll sure learn loads on how to use SVG animation to enhance your project’s story, while picking up a lot of tips and tricks on the way!