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Dan Rubin

Dan Rubin

Dan is a designer, photographer, and creative director based in the U.S. & U.K., working with clients around the world. Co-founder of New Style Publishing, a photo book imprint based in Amsterdam, and webgraph, a design and engineering studio based in Miami, he helps startups and established brands create physical and digital products, speaks at events including SXSW, WPPI, and the Mobile World Congress, and travels the world on photographic commissions for select clientele including Alfa Romeo, American Express, Apple, Barbour, Courvoisier, Ducati, Land Rover, The Macallan, Nissan, O2, RedBull, Sony, Starwood Hotels, Travel + Leisure, Williams Martini, and more.

A published author and guest expert for The Guardian, The Telegraph, and The British Journal of Photography, Dan’s first photographic book, Koya Bound (Winner, AIGA Cover Design Award, 2017), was published in 2016 by Pre/Post in Japan.

Dan Rubin's Talk

We Don’t Talk Anymore

Wednesday, 22nd – 3:30 PM

Designer, Developer, Front-end, Back-end, IA, UI, UX — we've spent so much time inventing titles, drawing dividing lines around our skill-sets, building silos, and highlighting differences, that we seem to have forgotten what it actually means to communicate and work with each other. This lack of teamwork isn't really surprising, either: Our species is quite adept at segregating ourselves from our fellow humans.

How can we make this better? Not just in our teams and workplaces, but at our conferences, meet-ups, social networks, user groups, cafes, trains, and public spaces? Dan will explore this troubling issue and see if together, we can find a solution.