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Harry Roberts

Harry Roberts

Harry is an independent Consultant Web Performance Engineer from the UK. He helps some of the world’s largest and most respected organisations find and fix their site-speed issues.

He is both a Google- and a Cloudinary Media- Developer Expert, and has consulted for clients from the United Nations to the BBC, General Electric to the Financial Times, and a whole host more.

When not doing client work, he writes, teaches, and speaks about the entire gamut of front-end performance. When not doing work at all, he’s probably out on his bike.

Harry Roberts's Talk

Get Your Head Straight

Wednesday, 22nd – 10:35 AM

Despite being the only section of a website that a user never sees, the HEAD is arguably the most important. It is bound to its own unique set of rules and often governs the overall speed of the page.

In this talk, we’ll look at some specific caveats, some fascinating intricacies, and—critically—the optimum order for a faster HEAD. Find out why your HEAD tags are so messy, so vital, and, I promise you, so interesting.

Harry will also be running a workshop on Web Performance.