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Jhey Tompkins

Jhey Tompkins

Jhey makes awesome things for awesome people! He’s worked on the web for 10+ years and is currently a Developer Relations Engineer @ Google. He’s previously worked with and for names such as Monzo, Eurostar, Nike, Uber, NearForm, and M&C Saatchi. Jhey thrives on bringing ideas to life. And as such, one of his main goals is showing people how to level up with creative coding. He takes pride in crafting innovative solutions with polished user experiences. He’s a CodePen advocate and shares attention-catching demos over on Twitter. Stay Awesome! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

Jhey Tompkins's Talk

Take Your Skills to the Moon with Creative Coding

Wednesday, 22nd – 4:25 PM

As developers, we're learning new skills all the time. But how can we stay creative while progressing our careers? In this talk, we'll discuss about how we can discover new tools and techniques while having fun. We'll learn how making hundreds of demos to unearth new ways of doing things can lead to an entirely new way of working, and most importantly, how to not take things too seriously.

Jhey will also be running a workshop on Supercharging your skills with Creative Coding!