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Miriam Suzanne

Miriam Suzanne

Miriam Suzanne is an author, artist, and web developer in Denver, Colorado. She’s a co-founder of OddBird web agency, a member of the Sass core team, and a W3C Invited Expert on the CSS Working Group.

Miriam has been building web sites, applications, and design systems since the early days of CSS. After creating Susy for responsive layouts in 2009, and then True for Sass unit-testing, she became a core developer on the Sass project. More recently, she has also become a member of the CSS Working Group, developing new features like Cascade Layers, Container Queries, and Scope. She’s also a prolific teacher – offering CSS workshops, and speaking at conferences around the world. She’s a co-author of Sitepoint’s Jump Start Sass, a staff writer for CSS Tricks, and was a founding teacher on the Mozilla Developer youtube channel.

Miriam Suzanne's Talk

Styling the Intrinsic Web (with Container Queries, Layers, and Scope)

Tuesday, 21st – 3:30 PM

Over the last decade, Responsive Web Design and Object Oriented CSS have grown from exciting new trends into the foundations of modern, component-driven web design. But our medium is not done evolving. In 2018, Jen Simmons coined this the era of “Intrinsic Web Design” – with powerful new tools that allow us to build entire layouts based on the intrinsic needs of each component.

This evolution of the responsive web is becoming more clear with several new features in CSS. We’ll look at a number of these developments, from Cascade Layers to Container Queries and Scope. Not only do these features build on what we love most about responsive components, but they’re designed to address some of the biggest challenges in CSS today.