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Shubhie Panicker

Shubhie Panicker

Shubhie is a leader in the Chrome Web Platform, a senior staff software engineer at Google and an advocate for the web ecosystem in web standards. She is currently the engineering lead for anti-tracking in the Privacy Sandbox. She has led many performance initiatives spanning the browser engine, web standards and frameworks. She founded Chrome Aurora, collaborating with open source tools, frameworks and communities. She developed and led infrastructure and frameworks for Google products such as Search, Google Photos.

Shubhie is a coach for leaders in tech. She is an avid photographer and a staunch foodie.

Shubhie Panicker's Talk

De-Mystifying Leadership

Tuesday, 21st – 1:05 PM

Beyond the senior level, continuing to grow your career in tech can be daunting – like running through a complex maze. Where once technical skills sufficed, you now need to grow leadership skills. You find yourself going from surfing complicated codebases to navigating complex organizations. You go from working with your close team-mates to a growing number of collaborators & stakeholders, both within and outside the company.

Wrangling humans is harder than code. Actions of leaders have big ripple effects across the company. Yet it is not easy to find great resources to support this journey.

This talk provides a starter guide to the maze of the higher levels in the tech career. Whether you want to advance as a leader, become more effective in your current role or thoughtfully choose your next leadership role — there will be something for you in this talk!