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Youri Wims

Youri Wims

Youri Wims is a Senior Engineer at HashiCorp. She specializes in front-end technologies and languages, but never shys away from opportunities to dive into the back-end. She enjoys creating user-centered products that are not only innovative and optimized, but also accessible.

Previously, as a UI Developer for Mozilla, she also served as one of the content creators for the Mozilla Developer YouTube channel where she was able to conceptualize and produce accessibility tutorials. As someone who is relatively new in the dev community, she is enthusiastic about educating and helping new developers transition into the dev world feeling confident, prepared, and ready to make a positive impact.


Youri Wims will be speaking to us about exciting developments in front-end. With the conference still a while away, the exact topic will be decided later. Luckily, knowing Youri, it will probably make you wanna go home and build things!

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