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Jam Session

The night before the conference kicks off, we’re hosting a warm-up event with our dear friends from SpeedCurve, with drinks and talks from your fellow attendees. We hope you’ll join us to connect ahead of the main event!

On Tuesday, May 23rd, the doors will open at 6:00 PM at the lovely Firehouse space. We'll kick of the evening with a friendly drinks, followed by a couple of talks from attendees. We will be providing some snacks, alcoholic beverages as well as soft drinks.

The Jam Session is taking place at the Firehouse at Fort Mason
Thanks to our dear friends at Speedcurve for hosting the Jam Session.

Attendees only

This event is for SmashingConf San Francisco attendees only. We will be doing a pre-registration so you can already pick up your badge and skip the line on the first conference day! Looking forward to meeting you!

Want To Speak?

Do you have something you’d love to share in about 10 minutes? We’d love to hear your stories! It can be web-performance related — from classic metrics discussions, to new attributes or even the idea of carbon emissions. These are simple suggestions. We’re happy and looking forward to seeing your great lightning talk submissions! Please fill in our form, and we’ll get back to you.

The Firehouse


6:00 PM – Doors Open: Networking & Drinks
6:30 PMWelcome by Tammy Everts
6:40 PMLightning Talks
8:00 PM – Networking and meeting new friends
9:30 PM – End


The Firehouse at Fort Mason
851 Beach St
San Francisco, CA 94123
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Shrinking Bundles, Expanding Forests by Maxi Ferreira
Third-party scripts can greatly affect a website’s performance, conversation rates, and overall user experience. But there’s one aspect of third-parties that is often overlooked — their potential impact on the environment. In this talk, Maxi will share the experience of his team in optimizing a widely-used third-party widget. He’ll talk about their process, how they measured success, and how they were able to do what’s right for their customers, while saving thousands of trees along the way.

A Mission for Better Emissions by Henri Helvetica
Our excessive dependence on the internet has lead us to a surprising place: excessive production of green house gases. The very data centres we depend on to provide access to the information highway, may be driving up co2 emissions. This talk will quickly address how we’re tackling the digital emissions quandary as developers.

Per-Diff JS Bundle Size Checks at Pinterest by Michelle Vu
In her talk, Michelle will explain how Pinterest protects against performance regressions — due to JS bundle size increases — by adding per-diff checks.

Flipping the script on the design handoff by Steven Schkolne
Let me tell you a story about how I got frustrated by the design handoff. And I thought “instead of designers handing designs to me, what if I could instead hand my build to them”. Thus began my adventures…

Breathing in … breathing out by Ren Chen
Emotional resilience: it’s the work of a lifetime, but we can start with ten minutes. Together we’ll define emotional resilience and touch on how it can be developed intentionally. We’ll then learn the essential rules for identifying stressors, and end with some evidence-backed recommendations for healthy stress management.

Everything You Need to Know About Interaction to Next Paint in 10 Minutes or Less! by Tammy Everts
If you care about user experience, site speed, and SEO, then you probably already care about Google’s Core Web Vitals – a set of metrics designed to help you focus on measuring web performance from a user’s perspective. Interaction to Next Paint (INP) is the newest metric scheduled to be included in Core Web Vitals (in March 2024). Tammy will talk about how INP is measured, why you should care about it – and most important, how it correlates to real user behaviour.

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