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We love front-end, and we adore San Francisco! So in May 2023, we are running our SmashingConf Front-End with 2 days of talks (single track), 2 workshop days, and many side events. We will announce our first speakers very soon!

This practical and inspiring conference will have a good range of front-end topics, varying from CSS to Accessibility and Performance. All talks have a few things in common: brought to you by amazing speakers and practical takeaways everywhere!

@smashingconf has been an unforgettable experience this year as my first time, and honestly, I’d love to go back over and over and over again because it really is _that good_. Thank you for a lovely time, and see y’all at the next one!

You look Smashing today!

Get your early bird tickets and join all our side events, from a city walk to morning runs, and our unforgettable (!) Smashing Party!

Workshop Tuesday, 23rd | Conference Wednesday, 24th | Conference Thursday, 25th | Workshop Friday, 26th

Tuesday, 23rd – Workshops

9:00 AM – 5:30 PM


On Tuesday, we’re running 3 hands-on front-end workshops:

Two more workshops will be announced soon!

6:30 PM

🎙 Jam Session

The night before the conference kicks off, we're hosting a warm-up event with drinks and talks from your fellow attendees. We hope you'll join us to connect ahead of the main event!

Wednesday, 24th – Conference

Thursday, 25th – Conference

Friday, 26th – Workshops