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Adam Argyle

Adam Argyle

Adam is a bright, passionate, punk engineer with an adoration for the web who prefers using his skills for best in class UI/UX and empowering those around him. He’s worked at small and large companies, and built an app for pretty much every screen (or voice). He is capable of over-engineering, but spends lots of brain power not. Loves CSS, loves JS, loves great UX. He's also a member of the CSS Working Group, VisBug and Open Props creator, and overall web fan.

Adam Argyle's Talk

Bringing Page Transitions to Your Site

Wednesday, 24th – 3:40 PM

Enhance a site without page transitions, into one that does, with View Transitions. With this API, we're able to animate between two states of a document, including full page navigations.

Join Adam as he guides you through the process of incorporating View Transitions into his blog, with easy-to-follow steps that you can apply to your own projects too!