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Josh W. Comeau

Josh W. Comeau

Josh started tinkering with HTML, CSS, and JS back in 2007, and never stopped. He's worked as a software developer for orgs like Khan Academy, DigitalOcean, and Gatsby. He's also taught web development fundamentals at Concordia Bootcamps.

In 2020, he went independent, creating online courses through his own custom platform, and is thrilled to have taught web development principles to more than 20,000 developers.

Josh W. Comeau's Talk

The Whimsy Potential of JavaScript Frameworks

Wednesday, 24th – 10:10 AM

Everybody loves whimsical animations and interactions, which are not just cool, but actually add value. In his talk, Josh — known for his amazing explainers — will explain and show why JS frameworks like react are a surprisingly good choice.