Emily Hayman


Emily is a Solutions Engineer at Algolia where she helps make search experiences better. She’s passionate about well-architected Sass, the possibilities of SVGs, modularity, fine-tuning animation performance, and tinkering with data visualizations.

Performant Animations: Hitting 60fps

Thursday, 8th – 14:45

Achieving a silky smooth user experience has become a requirement in today’s web. Developers often invest quite a bit of time to reduce first page loads by even a few milliseconds, but forget to consider the impact of the interactions that follow. We’ll start off with discussing how a browser actually goes about generating the interface a user ends up seeing from your code, and then dive into how you can leverage this information for the best possible performance.

From there, we'll review the pros and cons of various animation types, as well as differing CSS properties. We will explore how existing tools like requestAnimationFrame and CSS hardware acceleration can improve performance, in addition to upcoming standards and APIs. Finally, we’ll take a quick look at the options available for testing animations.

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