Zach Leatherman


Zach is a Front-end Engineer @filamentgroup. He enjoys watching and playing soccer, piano, finding patterns in both people and machines, movies that make him think or feel, ordinary things in faraway places, and writing about himself in the third person.

He enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Traci and their two Great Danes, Roxie and Ella. They also have a cat, a rabbit, goldfish, and probably one or more tarantulas. Check out their Vacation Blog.

Web Fonts are ▢▢▢ Rocket Science

Thursday, 8th – 15:35

Web fonts are difficult to get right. An often overlooked and disruptive piece of web performance, web fonts can slow down your site and leave your visitors confused and agitated. No one wants agitated visitors. In this talk we’ll discuss useful methods to render web fonts quickly and without disruption so that visitors can do what should be a simple task—read the text. After all, web fonts are not rocket science.

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