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Jam Session

Last Year Jam Session

The night before the conference kicks off, we’re hosting a warm-up event with our dear friends from Shopify, with drinks, a speaker panel and talks from your fellow attendees. We hope you’ll join us to connect ahead of the main event!

On Monday June 24th, the doors will open at 6:30 PM at the lovely Shopify offices. We’ll kick of the evening with a speaker panel, followed by a couple of talks from attendees. We will be providing some snacks, alcoholic beverages as well as soft drinks.

This event is for SmashingConf Toronto attendees only. We will be doing a pre-registration so you can already pick up your badge and skip the line on the first conference day!


6:30 PMDoors Open: Networking & Drinks
7:00 PMSpeaker Panel
7:30 PMLightning Talks

Building Accessible Experiences by Tiffany Tse
An online store must meet the needs of its shoppers. However, building accessible websites and applications doesn't mean having to compromise on the design or the end-user experience. This session will focus on how we at Shopify began to audit the accessibility of our themes, and how building accessible experiences can improve the overall user-experience of your projects.

Good Code / Bad Code by Kelly Harrop
Kelly, Product Designer at Intuit, will present guidelines to help teams standardize and align on their code review process. What makes code “good” or “bad”? And are there any guidelines to live by?

Axe-Pro: A New Kind of Accessibility Tool by April Ellsey
Learn about a new accessibility tool from the makers of axe. Axe-pro equips dev teams with tools to perform more advanced accessibility testing without requiring special expertise. April Ellsey, the axe-pro product manager, will be there to show you axe-pro in action, and to let you know how you can join their axe-pro beta program.

Time For What’s Next by Steve Pereira
Most teams waste time spinning their wheels or optimizing the wrong things, I introduce Value Stream Mapping as a technique to visualize that waste and opportunities for improvement. It helps align, motivate, empower and direct teams to a better place in one lunch and learn.

UX in Healthcare by Kristin Fowler
The healthcare industry is massive—its users span from patients, clinicians, to corporate employees. In this talk, I’ll be going over how our UX team at HCA healthcare works within these challenges and the unique opportunities we have as UX designers and researchers.

9:30 PMEnd

Last Year Jam Session


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