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Dan Mall at SmashingConf Toronto 2018

You probably know the drill: 2 days, 1 single track, 13 speakers. The conference will start around 9:30AM and we’ll finish around 5PM on the second conference day. We’ll be hosting our (in)famous side events on June 24, the day before the conference, so it might be worth to arrive in the morning before it all starts. You know, to settle in and stuff.

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Our speakers rarely show slides: they show how they work — their setup, techniques and shortcuts for getting work done in live interactive sessions. So expect everything from refactoring and debugging to sketching and redesign, live. Once we have most speakers confirmed we will be releasing the schedule.

Vitaly, the one who loves ice cream, front-end, UX, and has tons of crazy ideas.

Tuesday, 25th | Wednesday, 26th

8:30 AMDoors Open
9:30 AMWelcome
9:50 AM

Let's Build A Design System!

Build a design system in less than an hour? That's crazy. But not entirely impossible. In this session, Brad will demonstrate how to use Pattern Lab to simultaneously build both a design system's front-end components and several screens of a real pilot project.

Throughout the talk, he'll discuss topics like front-end code architecture, designing in the browser, modular development best practices, designing with dynamic data, and more.

10:40 AM

Let’s write A Vue App From Scratch

Are you curious about how to build apps in Vue, but never quite had the time to dig in? Join Sarah, a Vue core team member, as she builds an app from scratch, using Nuxt.js, her own Vue snippet extension in VS Code, and an API! We’ll see how far we can get and all the mistakes we can make in 45 min to creating a functional application with routing, server side rendering, animations, and more!

11:30 AMCoffee Break
12:00 AM

JAMstack: Silly Name. Serious Stuff.

Do we really need this JAMstack thing? And what even is it?

In this session, we’ll demystify this buzzwordy term, and explore how this approach to simplifying the technology stack can lead to shorter development times, with better performance and greater security.

We’ll see how the JAMstack is placing more power, more confidence, and more capabilities in the hands of designers, authors and front-end developers.

And we’ll show how serverless functions can augment this stack to let us rapidly build interfaces and APIs to power sites that we’d be brave enough to share with the world.

12:50 PM

Build Bridges, Not Walls—Design For Users Across Cultures

As Internet access expands to the far corners of the world, product makers have the chance to see their work used by millions of people worldwide.

To create products for international users, we must be aware of the full range of human diversity with respect to language, culture and other forms of human difference. If the product doesn't adapt to users' differences and the rapidly changing world, our work will not truly meet the users' needs.

Join this talk to hear how Jenny designed for users in Europe, North- and South America, Asia, and Southeast Asia.

1:40 PMLunch Break
3:10 PM

The Almighty Rabbit Hole

Inspiration - it's the unquantifiable thing that takes us from nowhere to somewhere - even if that somewhere turns out to be nowhere else the journey to that nowhere is often just as useful as arriving at somewhere. I haven't taken my meds today.

And it's difficult to get inspired sometimes. We often make the mistake of looking at our own industry for answers and ideas which leads to regurgitation and me-too-ness.For us to stay interested in our careers we need try new things and experiment. And the first step on our path to the next step is inspiration.

My talk is about the rabbit holes I go down, what I find down there (spoiler alert: sometimes it's just rabbit sh*t) and where they lead. I prefer not to give advice but if you can use some of my methods and apply them to your own work then I'll be happy (and so will you, hopefully).

4:00 PM

Help! I’m your Ailing Website. The Digital Policy & Standards Rehab Hour.

We always optimistically embark on developing any new website full of hope and visions of greatness. As time passes and the spectrum of content publishers and managers increases, the site starts to suffer for ailments. Inconsistent branding, unpredictable navigation, multiple content platforms, or poor search performance are typically the result. Brand degradation, legal and regulatory troubles, and low team morale are also common. But what can you do about any - or all - of these?

In this fun (and funny) session, you will be engaged in roleplaying and discussion on the most common and challenging issues a website faces, and how to leverage policies and standards – the do’s and don’ts of digital – that can nurse it back into good health. We will focus on proven tactics for creating and documenting sound policy and standards, applying design and development thinking across the organisation, and many other tools and tactics which will help nurse your website back to health.

4:50 PMCoffee Break
5:10 PM

Authentic Digital Design, By The Numbers

Today’s world is full of open, and airy, beautiful, tediously identical, and unusable designs. Trends shouldn’t be taken too far, and we can easily make modern interfaces that work.

Being authentically digital doesn’t just mean removing gradients and woodgrains. We have learned how people really use their mobile phones and tablets, and Steven has leveraged his research into an easy to remember, human-centered design system. Let’s keep our principles in mind, and design for how people look, see, touch, and expect their various devices to work for them, so they find, understand, and transact better.

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